Corporate Info

Our mission is to provide consumers with the best Japanese foods through particular about quality.

Company name
Maeharaseifun Co.,Ltd
The representative director, President Keisaku Maehara
Director Etsuko Maehara
January 4,1954
The history of our company
From the end of the Meiji period, we started to make flour as our family business.
1933: We registered a trademark of “Gishijirushi (mark of Gishi).” The main product at that time was rice flour.
1954: We incorporated the firm. We constructed a factory and started to make flour in earnest.
1965: We started to make packaged rice cakes (bar-shaped).
1974: We started to make packaged New Year rice cakes (Kagami mochi).
1985: We started to thin wheat noodles (Sōmen) processing. We started to operate a clean room for packaged rice cakes.
1993: We constructed the rice polishing factory and started to operate the new line to make rice flour.
1994: We constructed the aseptic factory for packaged rice cakes and started to operate new line of the stamp mill.
1995: We started to operate new line for separately packaged rice cakes.
2000: We acquired ISO9002:1994 about “making aseptic packaged rice cakes.”
2002: We acquired ISO9001:2000 about “making and selling aseptic packaged rice cakes and Japanese flour”
2013: We constructed the wastewater treatment facility.
2013: We acquired ISO9001:2008 about “designing, developing and making Japanese flour and aseptic packaged rice cakes”
2018:We acquired FSSC22000:2005
about “the design/development and manufacture of round rice cakes”
¥30 million
¥2600 million (March 2018)
Number of employees
140 (including part time workers)
Our business
Manufacturing and selling flour, packaged rice cakes
Major Products

■ Japanese flour

Rice flour, Mochi flour, Dumpling flour, Joshin flour, Rice flour for sweets and cooking, Kashiwamochi flour,
Dōmyōji flour, Soybean flour, Burned rye flour, Potato starch, Kudzu flour, Corn starch,
Refined wheat starch flour, Flour used for pounding steamed rice, Buckwheat flour milled by stone,
Warabimochi making set, Sweets making set

■ Packaged rice cakes

Aseptically packaged rice cakes
(round, bar-shaped, instant, small and round, with beans, and so on), rice cake sterilized after packaging, gift

■ Kagami mochi

Easy to decorate kagamimochi, small kagamimochi (round rice cakes inside)
Kagamimochi with a golden folding screen, united kagamimochi (packaged rice cakes inside)

■ Other products

Bean jam (adzuki bean from Hokkaido)

The seat of the company/address

■The head office

3-10-1 Aoyamakita Himeji-city Hyogo
671-2221, JAPAN
Tel 079-266-0520 / Fax 079-267-2003

Contact E-mail Person
Etsuko Maehara
1. Totally automatic rice polishing facilities
2. Rice soaking room
3. Rice cakes cooling room(refrigerator)
4. Rice flour continuous dryer

Save children from landmine

The wish of Senhime who loved children kindly from bottom of the heart Part of the sales of designated products is donated to the group which is trying to ban landmines. The donation until the end of 2013 amounts ¥780,000.
Thank you for your understanding and support.

Our designated products: Rice flour, Dumpling flour and Joshin flour.
We donate through the group "Association for Aid and Relief, Japan"