Packaged rice cakes

We polish the glutinous rice, next, we put them into water until it becomes soft.
Through the overhead pipes, we send glutinous rice to the factory.
First, we steam glutinous rice. Then we pound the softened glutinous rice with the mallet (or pestle) 100 times, then we make it into round shapes. The rice cakes are then cooled in a refrigerator at 5 degrees and left to become hard for 3 days. Finally we wrap the rice cakes with packing machines.

Rich rice cakes made from specially raised glutinous rice

*Made from Kogane glutinous rice

Rich round Kogane
rice cake 260g

Rich bar-shaped Kogane
rice cake 250g

*Made from Hiyoku glutinous rice

Rich round Hiyoku
rice cake 260g

Rich round Hiyoku
rice cake 600g

Rich bar-shaped Hiyoku
rice cake 650g

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